New Horizon Co-operative

The New Horizon Co-operative has been helping support and feed communities through their 3% Thursday Initiative. The Initiative provides local charities and non-profits with donations to help with food security. Every third Thursday of each month 3% of proceeds are give to various groups / non-profits. So far in 2021, New Horizon Co-op 3% Thursday Program has donated $37,887.43 to 16 local non-profit organizations in our community.

Thank you New Horizon Co-operative for all the incredible work you do to support your community.

New Horizon 3% Thursday
New Horizon Co-operative does good for their community.

Khwahish Foundation

The Khwahish Foundation has been providing essential contributions to the shelter such as feminine hygiene products as well as providing a substantial number of meals each month from various participating businesses In Grande Prairie. As of July 1st, 2021, the Foundation has provided a total of 25,076 meals since their efforts started which has enhanced Wapiti House’s ability to continue our mission of providing help for today and hope for tomorrow.